Thursday, February 21, 2013

Recycled Divine Hat Project

Hello again everyone! The recycling of my knit sweater is complete and I just wanted to share something made from the recycled yarn.

This hat was a special request from an Ottawa mom who sent me this photo asking if I could make something like this for her daughter.

For those of you who know me, I rarely (if ever) use patterns while knitting so this request was a challenge for me because I couldn`t just make this one up. I found a photo of something very similar to this hat on Ravelry. This crochet pattern was created by Sarah Arnold and is called "Divine Hat" but the amazing thing was it looked almost identical to the knit my Ottawa friend was looking for!

Baby steps! Baby steps!

So I downloaded the pattern... Googled... watched a few YouTube videos to catch up on the stitches that were required and then was determined to make it all work.

I have to compliment Sarah Arnold because this pattern worked out so perfectly! I love the pattern and the recycled yarn and how it looks in this hat. My anxiety was definitely all for naught! This pattern was easy to understand, easy to follow and had great results! I would recommend you all try it out. In the meantime here is my Divine pattern crochet hat made in our recycled yarn!

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